Healthy meals. Zero work.

Freshly-cooked meals, prepared by award-winning chefs, delivered to your home in Carmarthen.

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Lose weight

without having to calculate calories.

Get an effort-free

balanced diet to help you achieve your health and sporting goals.

Spend less time

in the kitchen. More time doing the things you love.









Healthy. Tasty. Easy.

You want to eat healthy, tasty, interesting food every day without spending endless hours meal-planning, shopping and cooking.

You want to be a healthy weight without having to constantly think about food and calories.

You don’t want to be stuck eating tasteless, boring meals just because they’re good for you.

It feels impossible to find time to cook the food you love after a long day at work.

You’d love to find a simple solution, but meal prep services just seem to turn out uninspiring, unhealthy food.

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Healthy eating can seem complicated

We know how hard it can be to find the time you need to cook the healthy, delicious food you know you need. You want to eat well, but it feels impossible. How do you find time to cook after work at 7pm, when you’re hungry, tired and need to put the kids to bed?

It’s even harder if you have a diet goal to meet. Maybe you’re desperate to lose weight, but you love food and don’t want to be stuck eating boring meals or following faddy diets that never work.

Or you’re training for something big, and you need to fuel that training, but you’re unsure what to eat to get the results you want. You could see a dietician, but that costs money and time...and then you’ve still got to shop and cook.

It is possible to eat delicious, healthy food every day. You can lose weight and meet your goals while still loving what you eat. Even if you have no time and hate cooking.

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Our tasty food makes people like you happy

Fitness lovers

Busy parents

Active workers


Health conscious

Special diets

Your personal meal service

What if you could have the kind of food you wish you could cook for yourself, made for you and delivered to your door?

We’re not a big national chain but a local Carmarthen business headed up by expert chefs and fitness trainers.

Choose the dishes that will fit your goals, preferences and dietary needs. We’ll cater for any diet – including allergies, vegan and vegetarian.

If you don’t like certain foods, we’ll leave them out. If you want a bigger or smaller portion, we’ll make your meal to suit you.

There’s absolutely no commitment or tie-in. You choose what you eat and when just as you would if you were cooking at home.

You’re guaranteed a meal you’ll love, without doing any of the work.

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Here’s how it works


Pick the meal collection that fits your goals

Whether you want to comfortably lose weight, eat clean and maintain your fitness, or go calorie-rich to fuel a demanding sporting profession, Perfect Prep has you covered!


Choose what you want and when

You have total flexibility to choose what you want to eat and when. Order the exact number of meals you’d like each week, and change it any time. Tell us what you love, and what you don’t want or can’t eat. We’ll cook to order.


Eat and enjoy

We’ll deliver your freshly-cooked meals to your door for FREE, anywhere within 2 miles of Carmarthen. For a small fee, we can deliver further, or you can collect for free. All you need to do is eat and enjoy. And when you’re done, you can simply recycle the packaging. No prep, no mess, no washing up.

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Choose your plan


Lose weight without depriving yourself or obsessing over calories.

Daily calories range from 300 - 2200 cals

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Healthy, clean eating to maximise your gym performance and maintain your weight.

Daily calories range from 350 - 2400 cals

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A goal-focused, calorie-rich diet to build muscle mass and fuel your high-level sports training.

Daily calories range from 550 - 3000 cals

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With no effort on your part, you’ll get:

Delicious food

that you’ll love, cooked by creative chefs with years of restaurant experience.

A simple system 

that allows you to order the exact meals you need to meet your goals, whenever you need them. All done online in just a couple of clicks.

Complete flexibility

to cancel or change your order whenever you like. Going on holiday? No problem, you can skip the week. Fancy cooking this weekend? Just let us know.

A no-stress alternative

with no cooking, prep or cleanup, so you can enjoy your mornings and evenings with no last-minute supermarket dash or vegetables to chop.

Choice and control

over your diet. Picky eaters, people with allergies and vegan diets are welcome. We’ll cook to suit your needs and preferences.

Zero waste

with no food leftovers and recyclable packaging.

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" I love Perfect Prep! Being a person that absolutely cannot cook to save his life, this is a godsend for me! Their meals are not only tasty and freshly prepared the same day, but the macros are bang on to complement my training and mass goals. Would recommend Perfect Prep to anyone, absolute no brainer. "

Darren Mills - Gym junkie

" I thoroughly enjoyed the sample meals of Perfect prep. Being a busy mum of 2 children it’s extremely difficult to find the time to cook healthy meals whilst doing household tasks and keeping my children busy. These meals were completely hassle free, delivered straight to my door and easy to heat up. Which meant more time for me to put my feet up at night without spending hours in the kitchen cleaning up. I’ve got my next order in already. "

Jane Evans - Busy mum of 2

" These meals were definitely worth substituting my trip to the bakery each day for a quick lunch. Being a tradesman I’m constantly on the go and I’ll always look for something quick to eat. I chose the 20 meal plan so that I had something for lunch and a quick evening meal each day. The meals were extremely filling which meant I wasn’t reaching for the nearest chocolate bar every two minutes. Convenient, healthy and extremely tasty. Highly recommended. "

Mark Richardson - Self employed carpenter

" Being a semi-pro rugby player I have tried lots of meal prep companies in the past, some local and fresh, some national and frozen. Usually I would compromise on food quality, shelf life or taste. Perfect Prep changed all that. I'm so happy with the food and process I have recommended them to several first team players who have all signed up too! Top job guys, keep it up! " 

Kevin Owen - Semi-pro Rugby player

Are you spending time you don’t have to make the food you don’t want?

  • You could keep on trying to cook for yourself, wasting precious time and money making the food you don’t enjoy, that doesn’t help you meet your goals.

  • You could keep telling yourself you’ll get your diet sorted, and then find yourself ordering yet another pizza (that you know you’ll regret in the morning).

  • You could stick with your existing meal prep company, and end up frustrated with the lack of flexibility and the dull menu.

Or you could give Perfect Prep a try, and get the tasty, healthy, fresh food you crave, delivered free with no effort or hassle.

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